This Week ergh Day in Review


First thing I’ll say is do not procrastinate. I joined the class just before the Tuesday deadline at 5 p.m. Despite various warnings from the professor about participating daily, I procrastinated. I realize now after spending almost my whole Sunday in front of my computer that ds106 is not to be crammed.

Picking my domain came very quick to me. I recently graduated on May 7th, but I still need more credit hours. My employers would like me to reach 150 credit hours. Once I have 150 credit hours (taking any kind of class) I can obtain my CPA (Certified Public Accountant) licensing. As someone who is not tech savvy I hope to learn a lot during the next five weeks.

Setting up social media was a bit annoying. I’ve always been an active user of Instagram and Facebook. I use YouTube daily, but haven’t posted anything before. I registered myself to twitter back in the summer of 2009. However, I haven’t used it since December of 2014. Flickr was frustrating. After fixing network issues, I was able to start uploading.

What gave me the most trouble was figuring out where I start. I have never had my own blog or website before. Some of the visual assignments were challenging. I want to purchase either Photoshop or something equivalent. Making sure everything is in the right space and tagged right makes me anxious. I enjoyed the scavenger hunt the most. It was easy, but the challenge was taking all those pictures in 15 minutes, because I went over the time allotted.

As mentioned before if I could do it differently, I would have started this all Tuesday evening when I joined the class. My questions will most likely answer themselves, but most are how do I make my blog appear more appealing. Any questions I do have I’ll bring up next week with the conference with the professor.

I think I rushed my assignments. Had I not waited I would have been able to put more work into the assignments. I was only able to do one Daily Create because of this.

Mutlimodel Introduction

When it came to designing my blog I wanted simplicity. I want it to be easy to navigate. It should be easy to find things. I will continue to play with the settings and customization in the weeks ahead.

Photo Safari

Photo Reflection

Daily Creates (just one)

Visual Assignment Blog Posts

The Super ds106 Life

Johnny Football to Johnny Jobless

Daisy visits D.J. at UMW

My very own Grad Spubble



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