Design Blitz: House Edition






Minimalism and use of space

I wanted to keep this to pictures I would find throughout the week. A long rectangle that contains many grids. Each grid is space and shaped to use appropriate amount of space. Volume and the channel are likely to be changed so they are bigger than other buttons. To provide sense of direction with up, down, left, and right arrow key buttons. Very little space is wasted on the remote. Functionality of the remote benefits the use of space.



I found this shot when I passed through my garage when after taking out the trash. The Mercedes-Benz logo is a three pointed star. It is balanced in three different positions, if it were to be twisted. I like the chrome and shine of the logo. it is was caught my eye and inspired this shot.  Most logo brands are balanced. Honda, Toyota, Lincoln, and Chevrolet all design with a perfect balance. When I think of balance I’m trying to capture symmetrical objects.



What I enjoy most about this picture is the calming tones of different greens. This picture is dominated by the color green. There is also a bit of a pattern involved from the lawnmower going over the grass. The fresh green grass is symbolic of a memorial day weekend. The only thing that is missing is the smoke from near by grills. Taken in my backyard.



A picture of trash. Its much more than so. For Unity I was thinking the circle of life. Now this box that once carried bags in now a bag of a trash bag. The bag was once inside of it and now it is inside one. I like the irony even if it’s something as simple as a picture of trash.


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