Hanging with Private Ryan

Original assignment (3 Stars)


Saving Private Ryan? More like Hanging with Private Ryan. I took a picture of my self dressed up. I cropped it into WWII Europe. The image is actually from the movie Saving Private Ryan. It’s definitely weird as the setting is all war torn. I’m actually really happy with how it turned out. I used online software to put myself in the photo

I was able to do this with the help of the site fotoflexer.com I started with my original photo take at The Great Meadow in The Plains, VA. Once you upload the photo select the ‘Geek’ tab. Then select ‘smart cutout option’. From here follow the tutorial by shading the area you want to keep green. The areas you want to remove  are shaded red. Do not worry about getting all pixels covered, the program will help at the end.

Save the results as a .png file. Now take the location photo by uploading that. Take the cropped are and drag it over the location photo. Saved the photo as .jpg so I could upload it to Flickr.

This was my first try at combining two photo successfully. I took the advice of the professor and downloaded GIMP. Although I did not use it. I am excited I didn’t have to buy Adobe Photoshop to do some of these assignments. There are free online versions out there.





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