History rewritten on Reddit

Original assignment


To see what I’ve doe you’ll need to click on the photo. I changed history! The assignment asks to create a website or modify one to your liking. The only change I made were were removing the actual score above the ‘Box Score’. I also removed the original numbers in the parentheses. I scribbled in my own number. the (4-1) means that the Oklahoma City Thunder won the series 4-1. The Thunder actually lost last night and the series is tied 3-3.

This was my first time playing with GIMP 2.8. It was recommended to me after the first week so I would not buy Adobe Photoshop.

Using the SnipIt program installed on Windows 10 I took a screenshot of the Reddit website. I uploaded it to the image editor GIMP. I erased the original score by using the paint brush tool. By painting or in white, their is no evidence of a score. I painted over the original 3’s in  both parentheses. I used the paintbrush option again. This time I shrunk the size down so that I could scribble in ‘4’ into both parentheses. I saved the file as a .jpg and uploaded it to Flickr.

I love Reddit and the many subreddit’s within the site. I consider this fooling around but I just changed history and earned four stars.


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