Inside the Man Cave: The Autobiography

Original assignment(2 Stars)


If I had a cover to my autobiography it would be this. This design is a picture of a cave entrance. Before college I was always an introvert and shy. I didn’t go out of my way to meet many people. If I was talking to someone it was probably through the headset from my Xbox. The past four years I have spent outside trying to meet more people. So this photo cover would represent the first 18 chapters of my life. I would need a different cover to the last four chapters of my autobiography.

I created this photo using Microsoft Word and Snipping Tool. I uploaded the photo to Microsoft Word. I inserted a text box and typed in “Inside the Man Cave”. I used the Snipping Tool to crop the photo a created a .jpg file. I then uploaded the file to Flickr.

I’m usually open about my past. I don’t have high school friends anymore. I stopped talking to most a couple years ago. When I came to the University of Mary Washington I was expecting to pick up where I left off in high school. That all lasted until I rushed a fraternity which lead to huge changes in my daily life.



3 thoughts on “Inside the Man Cave: The Autobiography

  1. I like the picture you chose, although it is a bit blurry and I know resolution often times get shot when using snipping tool; I use it for most of my assignments as well. Just something you have to keep in mind when scaling images after you snipped them. The picture still gets the message across, though, so no sweat. Great job!


  2. I like your cover, it made me chuckle! Brings a whole new meaning to the idea of a ‘man cave.’ Honestly, I’d rather go cave exploring than spend time in a basement with video games, but maybe that’s just me. Next time you could make an even better tutorial by adding some screenshots of your process in!


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