Lost: Dr. Oblivion

Original assignment (2 Stars)


I’m not sure who Dr. Oblivion is. However, this assignment was simple. Create a poster for the lost doctor.

I used the programs FotoFlexer, Microsoft Word, and SnippIt to create this poster.

I obtained a photo of Dr. Oblivion and uploaded it to the website fotoflexer.com like I did with Hanging With Ryan design I created. Following the same procedure, click on the Geek tab. Click Smart Cutout. Now shade the area you want to keep in green. The areas you want to get rid of red out. If you follow the tutorial that pops up it explains it step by step.

When I finished Smart Cutout I save what I had as a .png file. After i pulled the photo up on Microsoft Word. This is where I added the text “Lost”and “Dr. Oblivion”.

Now using the program SnipIt I took a screenshot of the project and saved it as a .jpg file. I then uploaded it to Flickr.

As mentioned it was an easy assignment. The only trouble I had was finding a picture of someone I don’t even know.



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