More Fun and More to Learn




Daily Creates (I only did two)

Design Assignment #1

Design Assignment #2

Design Assignment #3

Design Assignment #4

Design Assignment #5

GIF Assignment #1

GIF Assignment #2

I enjoyed doing this weeks work more than the first week. I had a better feel for my blog and what is expected of me. This week I made my first GIF file and my first image editing. I did not stay on top of my Daily Creates. The two I did do were easy however, and I enjoyed doing them.

Once I received my feedback from week one I knew I would need GIMP. I did not have to buy Adobe Photoshop like I thought I would. I was able to do everything that was expected of me and felt confident with what I made. The GIF files were the most difficult to manage. It was my first try at making them. The link provided in the instructions would not open for me. It was not difficult once I had a website generate the file for me. I’m actually proud of my GIF’s. I’ve seen some terrible GIF files in my day.

Basketball was a popular part of my blog this week. I made multiple references to the Golden State Warriors. Once you do one assignment, it feels like you’re doing it all the same. What I mean is I’m using the same image editing tools each time. The designs just need creative inspiration.

I tried to do a House/Home edition of the DesignBlitz. I roamed the yard, garage, trashcans, bedrooms, kitchen, and our basement. Most will disagree with my photo of the trashcan. Although it’s ironic how the box once held the baggies is now inside a bag. They essentially switched roles, but one is a piece of trash now.

I’m curious as to what week three will be like and what kind of assignments we will have. I’m sure I’ll be more confident with each week we finish.




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