Celebrity Speed Dating

Original assignment can be found here (3 Stars)

The assignment tasks you with convincing a celebrity to hang out with you in 30 seconds. I used the voice recording program Audacity to create this. I hit record and talked through the microphone in my laptop. I hit stop once 30 seconds passed. I clicked on File then Export Audio. Saved the file as a WAV. Then I uploaded the file to Souncloud. It was an easy assignment.

Not too much to say on this. I liked that it was just 30 seconds and not a few minutes. I’m never sure how to explain my hobbies to anyone. I know I have hobbies but I never remember what I do with my free time. During the summer I love to go boating with my friends and family. I hope to start saving up soon and buy an old used one myself.

In a nutshell these were the things that I thought described me best


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