Reflection summary on Abumrad and Glass

Ira Glass explains the difference between a high school paper and telling a story on audio. In highs school we have a topic sentence, followed with facts backing up whatever our point is. Audio uses two building blocks: the anecdote, and the moment of reflection. The anecdote is where everything builds off of each other. Such as this happened and then this… then this… and etc. The moment of reflection is the importance of understanding why this story is important.

Jad Abumrad explains how radio creates empathy. What I believe he first gets at is how radio lets the listener be creative. He could describe his commute to work and we would have to paint a picture in our head of what he describes. Abumrad mentions a co connection of imagination. I believe he means that this a comparison between listeners. Not the speaker and the listener. We may not be imagining the same thing but we are both imagining.


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