Short Story Reflection Summary

I chose to do three shorter stories

The first is about a grant writer who believe’s that’s just “it”. She goes to a leadership seminar and goes through these exercises first and receives feedback to do better. She struggles at the panel and you can tell she is not happy. She returns to her job where she is asked to accept a promotion she still does not want to accept it. She is forced to either accept the position or quit as she could not have her old job back. She ultimately does not accept the position by not going to a dinner where she was required to do a speech.

This podcast explains what they believe may have happened that caused the death of Edgar Allen Poe. In a story told during the Podcast it’s explained that he may have died because of politics. He is forced to dress up several times as different people. It is believed he was harmed by force. In the story he consumes too much Seed of Poppy. It is similar to consuming morphine if you consume enough. Making it easy for Poe to be manipulated.

The Modern Prometheus is about money being sent to a campaign without permission. Somebody creates a neural network and installs it into the company mainframe. Victor says this is similar to giving the company a brain. It is revealed that it is a form of artificial intelligence. It actually put the money to the campaign. It wants its creator to give it an artificial companion. Victor reaches out to a friend and talks about starting their own business.


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