The Sounds of my Morning

Original assignment may be found here (2.5 Stars)

The assignment tasks you with recording different noises you her throughout the day. The noises can be whatever you want. I decided to my Sunday morning routine. First I’ll explain how I did the assignment. Using my iPhone 6, I opened up the Voice Memo app. I recorded four different noises/files. I uploaded the four different files onto my computer. In Audacity, I clicked on File and then Import. I selected the four files. Once the files were imported, select the Time Shift tool. This allows you to move the different files. I wanted each file to overlap for one second with each other. Once I shifted the files by clicking on them I exported the recording. Select File and then Export Audio. Once that was done it was saved as one file instead of four. To finish, upload the file to SoundCloud.

I recorded my first noise as I walked down the stairs into the family room. I do not remember what was on TV, my guess is the Golf Channel. The next sound is in my kitchen. I tried to record the sound of bacon sizzling in the pan. The third sound is the sound of coffee pouring into a mug from a Keurig. The last sound is from the Purple Martin bird house on my parents property. The sounds of morning are my favorite. I believe they tend to be more relaxing.


2 thoughts on “The Sounds of my Morning

  1. I really like how you focused on just the sods of your morning so that the final product seems like a cohesive unit. The sounds blend really well together – I had a hard time figuring out Audacity so I am really impressed with how well your final product flows! Great job!


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