Weekly Summary 3: Half way to the finish

Here are links to the work that was completed this week


Reflection summary on Abumrad and Glass

Short Story Reflection Summary

Reflecting on comments and the blogs

Audio Assignments

Celebrity Speed Dating

The Sounds of my Morning

Daily Creates

Daily Creates for Week 3 (I did two of the four)

Concerns/Questions Paragraph

Questions and Concerns following Week 3

Interacting with others

Looking over at the others

Well we’re now three weeks in. Only two weeks to go. These five week sessions always go by quick. I felt I did well in my Audio Assignments. They weren’t too much trouble. I had not used Audacity in four years, but the learning curve to it was not hard.  I enjoyed watching the short stories from the lecture. That was my favorite task of the week.

Nothing gave me trouble this week. Since the first week I’ve felt more comfortable using these storytelling tools. Sometimes I need to go to YouTube to learn how to use certain parts. I learned how to use Audacity again and explored further into blog design after look at all the other students blogs.

I saw a tutorial on another students blog describing one of the audio assignments. I would have done this assignment had I not done the two audio assignments I had already completed. That is my only regret of the week.

My only wish is that  I could take this class as a form of a study abroad program. We could use sounds, pictures, and video of the area we are visiting to complete the assignments of that week. I think it would be fun!


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