Look There’s a Ghost

I decided on Ghosts

In the movie Ghosts, a ghost does appear (surprise). I have not seen the movie except for the ending scene. I watched the scene three times looking for different things. I was examining the angles and audio.

I immediately noticed how the camera shoots up at the ghost. Similar to Tarantino fashion. The ghost was the dominant character often being centered or appearing on the positive side. The positive side is a reference to How to Read a Movie by Roger Ebert. Positive does not necessarily mean it’s a good character. It does give it power in most films. This power can be in terms of threat, strength, knowledge, influence, and etc. The Ghost also appeared on the right side (the positive side).


When I listened just to the audio I noticed two things. Obviously the music is a grouping of string instruments. It sounds like an uplifting and positive foreshadowing. The music also starts with the entrance of the ghost. This is another sign that the ghost is the positive character. The second thing I noticed was that when a character speaks, there is a less frequent change of pitch. The music or note would continue but it would not vary as much.


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