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Looking through Roger Ebert’s view

Look There’s a Ghost

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Scenes of Lasting Memory

Product Review: XL Croakies

Daily Creates (just one)

Daily Creates Week 4


Week 4 Comments

Despite the extra work getting to know more technical storytelling methods and tools, I enjoyed this week. I learned how to make my first movie with the new Windows 10 Movie Maker. I had access to a bunch of tools for free. After playing around for ten minutes with the program I was able to master Movie Maker. was a lifesaver. It made saving scenes too easy. I’m amazed at what i have access to, so that I may create these videos.

I am going to start using Ebert’s rule unconsciously. Whether it be when I watch the latest Game of thrones episode or award winning film, I’l look for the rules. The rule, according to Ebert, Is that there is a positive and negative. The right is positive and the left is negative. Neither mean good or bad, but rather show who is the dominant object and/or character.

No questions or concerns this week. Each week that passes by I become more comfortable using and exploring WordPress. I’m surprised by the number of student who choose to use other blog websites other than WordPress. This may be a suggestion in the future that WordPress may not be the best option. For now, it’s all I know. I’ll just stick with WordPress.


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