Product Review: XL Croakies

Original Assignment

I may have spent just as much time debating what to do a review on then working on itself. I chose my pair of Croakies. They’re made to hold your glasses around your neck. Made popular by fraternity members, Croakies are more of a fashion look than a practical use. This is my personal opinion. I’m more likely to take off my glasses and fold them, allowing them to be hung on the collar of my shirt. I was only limited in this review by the simplicity of the product.

I made this whole movie (review) without ever leaving Movie Maker. Upon opening Movie Maker, the program I clicked on the Home tab and selected Webcam Video. Once it was selected it was ready for recording. I clicked on the big red dot signify record and I spent the next four minutes talking about my Croakies. When I finished I went back to the Home tab. I was able to add both a title and credits sequence from here. I was finished after exporting the file and then uploading the file to YouTube.

Circled are the tools mentioned above and used during the review.




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