Scenes of Lasting Memory

Original Assignment

This assignment is my favorite since I created my first GIF files. I enjoyed using Movie Maker, which I thought was surprising. It was too difficult to choose my three favorite movie scenes of all time. After ten or so minutes I decided on my three scenes.

The first is from Saving Private Ryan. It is my favorite war film. the classic D-Day invasion directed by Steven Spielberg will forever be remembered. Tom Hanks acting when stunned and in shock is admirable.

The second scene is from the movie The Shawshank Redemption. I first saw this film when I took a film study class in high school. I would have to say it is my favorite movie of all time and I happened to choose it among many great scenes in that movie.

The last scene features what I like to think as the creation of Wolverine. Wolverine had already existed (actually for almost a century) previous to the operation. This form of Wolverine is what people remember in what I think is a thriller.

So how did I create this assignment? It was not that difficult. I used the website to record the three scenes. I downloaded Movie Maker for Windows 10 to my laptop. Once I uploaded the scenes I used the Trim Tool to set the beginning and ending of each scene. You’ll notice you can move the scenes around. This is helpful if you did not upload in the order you wanted the scenes to show. Under the Home tab you may give the movie a title and an ending credit scene. Also under the Home tab is how I recorded my voice. Upon clicking annotation record you will be able to play the movie and talk as it plays. Under Options (Narration Tools) I was able to make my voice louder than the film so I could be heard. I exported the finished product and then uploaded it to YouTube.

A finished look at the post edit in Movie Maker.

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