The Story of Jesse and The Order of the Stone

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The Narrative Story

The story of Jesse and his adventures with The Order of the Stone begin. This is a spin off of the video game Minecraft: Story Mode

Jesse and his friends are preparing for a team building tournament, EnderCon. When they arrive for the tournament, they have already begun their design. They are going to build  a monster. Eventually a mysterious character, Ivor, arrives and creates a Wither Storm. A Wither Storms primary purpose is destruction. A three headed monster absorbs building blocks, which is how Jesse’s world is made up. Imagine a giant monster who is basically a F5 tornado in real life.

Ivor happens to be a member of The Order of the Stone. The Order of the Stone was a band of five heroes, until they split up after altercations among the group members. Ivor is on a mission of revenge. This is why he built the Wither Storm. His only problem is that the potion he made to stop the Wither Storm is destroyed. Now without any hope of destroying this floating monster Jesse has an idea. He is going to reassemble The Order of the Stone. He is successful in his mission, with the exception of Ivor, who is no longer viewed as a hero. Jesse with his friends and The Order of the Stone develop one more plan. They build craft a diamond sword. Diamond happens to be one of the strongest elements in the game. Using horses, the group travels out to find the monster once again. When they see the monster they remember that they have no way of reaching it. They settle from a safe distance and build a catapult. Jesse offers to be slung up the monster. Jesse, equipped with his new sword, flings through the air. He lands on the monster. Clinging on to the side of the monster, Jesse looks for a way inside the monster. Jesse eyes an opening just moments before being thrown by the gusts. The Wither Storm is powered from a command block. This command block is how The Order of the Stone was able to defeat all their enemies in the past. With the swing of his sword Jesse destroys the command block. With no power to the monster, it falls from the sky. Jesse is found by his friends in a nearby river. He survived the fall.

It is time to celebrate. Jesse and his friends are now famous heroes. The Order of the Stone selects Jesse and two of his friends to join them as heroes. Celebration does not last long before trouble finds Jesse and The Order of the Stone. They receive an invite to a far away mansion. The invite is from the mysterious White Pumpkin. Jesse and the new Order of the Stone head out to investigate.

The Order is almost at the mansion when they run into an army of zombies. The group looks up and notice that sun has been replaced by two moons. It is no longer daytime. They devise a plan to sneak by the whole army and enter the mansion. Upon arriving they see that they are not the only guests there. Others have been invited by The White Pumpkin as well. Slowly after a serious of events, two people are killed by traps in the mansion. The White Pumpkin comes out and introduces himself to the group, but is able to get away after the lights are cut. Jesse and the gang must find out how to stop the White Pumpkin. The zombies outside of the mansion are growing in numbers by the minute. Jesse with his detective skills, proves that The White Pumpkin is actually one of the invited guests, who is just wearing a disguise. Jesse and his friends are able to find secret hallways,  rooms, and a lair. Eventually they prove that the guest, Casie Rose, is in fact The White Pumpkin. Casie says she was after a secret item whom she believed one of the guests had possession of. As the group tries to detain her she tries to escape. Ironically, Casie falls into of her traps, leading to her death. The sun reappears and destroys the monsters outside. Jesse and The Order of the Stone head out and await their next adventure.





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