How to do Family Friendly Billboard

This is a tutorial on how to do the assignment (that I created) Family Friendly Billboard.


There are many ways to do this assignment, depending on which image editor you may use. My favorite is FotoFlexer. Click on the link to take you to a website that is free to use. First you will want to upload a photo of a billboard. This will be your backdrop.

Looper 2

The next thing you will do is click ‘Upload Another File’. you should have another photo appear. Click on the new photo. Select ‘Geek’ and then select ‘Smart Cutout’. A new window will appear.

Looper 4

A new tutorial will appear. Do not be intimidated that this needs a tutorial to explain what happens. I suggest you follow the tutorial as it mentions on the website. All it will ask you to do is highlight the area you want to keep in green. The areas you want to remove, will be highlighted in red. Once you have done both of these tasks click on ‘Predict Unknown Areas’. Click ‘Ok’.  A new image will appear showing just the head of the person. Repeat this step for every image you want to crop into the photo.


After cropping in the photos, adjust and move the heads into place. Save the file once you are finished.


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