How to do Favorite Movie Quote

This is the second tutorial I will be doing (and its the 2nd assignment I created for the Ds106 Assignment Bank)


Lets start out by visiting my favorite image editor, FotoFlexer. This a free online image editor. Once at the website upload the photo background that you will put the text over.


Once you have uploaded your photo, it should look like the one above.


Next thing you will do is click on ‘Decorate’. Followed by clicking on ‘Text’.

Iron Man4

Type in the quote you would like to use where it says “Enter Text Here:” As you will see in the image above, they defaulted the font Cretino. Make it easier to read by selecting a different font (I used Arial). Also place the text in the photo where it will look best. For me I thought this was at the bottom.


Once everything is in place, save the file. This is the end of the tutorial. See how easy it was?


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