I am Iron Man

This is the example for the second assignment I created for Ds106. To find the assignment I created click here


This was the movie that introduced me to the world of super heroes. I thought it was the coolest movie I had seen yet. to be fair I was only in 8th grade back when the movie came released in 2008.

Just like the other assignment I created, I used FotoFlexer as my primary tool. As I have mentioned in the past, it is a free online image editor. First I googled the photo of Tony Stark also known as Iron Man. Once I had that saved i uploaded the image to FotoFlexer. From here it was pretty easy. Click on ‘Decorate’ and select ‘Text’. Now you may type any text and it will embed itself in the image. you may select different font as well as adjust size. When I finished the quote, i dragged the text to the bottom of the photo because O thought it looked better over the black backdrop. Saved the image and then I uploaded it to Flickr.


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