The Wernitznig Family enters Looper

This is the first assignment I have created. As the instructions requested, I did the assignment too. You can find the assignment from the DS106 Assignment Bank


I have always loved movies. Billboards also happen to be one of my favorite forms of marketing too. I got the idea as I sat in traffic on I-95 during rush hour traffic. I saw a new billboard for the movie X-Men: Apocalypse. Since Week 1, I have become better at photo editing all though I am still just a beginner. I know my Mom will get a good laugh out of this because she enjoyed watching the movie with me.

I first got a background image off the internet. I just happened to come across this picture of a Looper advertisement. I went to Facebook and saved photos of myself and my mom. Once I had all three pictures i went to FotoFlexer. This is a free online image editor. I selected the backdrop first by uploading the original image of the billboard. Next I selected to upload two more photos. These photos were from Facebook as I mentioned. Next you’re going to select the ‘Geek’ tab. Click on ‘Smart Cutout’. Follow the tutorial that pops up. This step should only take a minute. Followed this procedure twice, for both the photo of my mother and I. Next, I dragged the heads over the heads of the originals. Once everything was in position I saved the image and uploaded it to Flickr.


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