This is the end of the road

Week 5 Story/Project

The Story of Jesse and The Order of the Stone

Assignments created for the DS106 Assignment Bank (and my creation of them)

The Wernitznig Family enters Looper

I am Iron Man

Tutorials I created

How to do Family Friendly Billboard

How to do Favorite Movie Quote

First I’d like to say I enjoyed this class. I enjoyed the freedom of being able to explore the other blogs and interacting. The professor did a wonderful job in telling the class the expectations. From there you were able to teach yourself how to do the assignments. Usually the professor would embed links to free online software to edit images. Also recommending to use Audacity was highly useful.

This week I completed the Final Project. I was very excited to do it. The other assignment that I enjoyed this much was Week 4. It was when  we worked with video and I created a movie for the first time. I did it on a game I had played and become attached to. The game was still fresh in my mind and it allowed me to reflect on what I had been playing, even though that was not the purpose of the assignment.

I have no questions at this time. My only concerns are hoping I covered everything that I was supposed to do prior to Thursday night. For Week 5 it said to only create the Final Project. I thought this made sense since we were not getting the full week like we normally do.

Last thing I’d like to say is I thank you to everyone in this class  for sharing their ideas via their comments. Hope everyone has a great summer!


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