I am Iron Man

This is the example for the second assignment I created for Ds106. To find the assignment I created click here


This was the movie that introduced me to the world of super heroes. I thought it was the coolest movie I had seen yet. to be fair I was only in 8th grade back when the movie came released in 2008.

Just like the other assignment I created, I used FotoFlexer as my primary tool. As I have mentioned in the past, it is a free online image editor. First I googled the photo of Tony Stark also known as Iron Man. Once I had that saved i uploaded the image to FotoFlexer. From here it was pretty easy. Click on ‘Decorate’ and select ‘Text’. Now you may type any text and it will embed itself in the image. you may select different font as well as adjust size. When I finished the quote, i dragged the text to the bottom of the photo because O thought it looked better over the black backdrop. Saved the image and then I uploaded it to Flickr.


The Wernitznig Family enters Looper

This is the first assignment I have created. As the instructions requested, I did the assignment too. You can find the assignment from the DS106 Assignment Bank


I have always loved movies. Billboards also happen to be one of my favorite forms of marketing too. I got the idea as I sat in traffic on I-95 during rush hour traffic. I saw a new billboard for the movie X-Men: Apocalypse. Since Week 1, I have become better at photo editing all though I am still just a beginner. I know my Mom will get a good laugh out of this because she enjoyed watching the movie with me.

I first got a background image off the internet. I just happened to come across this picture of a Looper advertisement. I went to Facebook and saved photos of myself and my mom. Once I had all three pictures i went to FotoFlexer. This is a free online image editor. I selected the backdrop first by uploading the original image of the billboard. Next I selected to upload two more photos. These photos were from Facebook as I mentioned. Next you’re going to select the ‘Geek’ tab. Click on ‘Smart Cutout’. Follow the tutorial that pops up. This step should only take a minute. Followed this procedure twice, for both the photo of my mother and I. Next, I dragged the heads over the heads of the originals. Once everything was in position I saved the image and uploaded it to Flickr.

Product Review: XL Croakies

Original Assignment

I may have spent just as much time debating what to do a review on then working on itself. I chose my pair of Croakies. They’re made to hold your glasses around your neck. Made popular by fraternity members, Croakies are more of a fashion look than a practical use. This is my personal opinion. I’m more likely to take off my glasses and fold them, allowing them to be hung on the collar of my shirt. I was only limited in this review by the simplicity of the product.

I made this whole movie (review) without ever leaving Movie Maker. Upon opening Movie Maker, the program I clicked on the Home tab and selected Webcam Video. Once it was selected it was ready for recording. I clicked on the big red dot signify record and I spent the next four minutes talking about my Croakies. When I finished I went back to the Home tab. I was able to add both a title and credits sequence from here. I was finished after exporting the file and then uploading the file to YouTube.

Circled are the tools mentioned above and used during the review.



Scenes of Lasting Memory

Original Assignment

This assignment is my favorite since I created my first GIF files. I enjoyed using Movie Maker, which I thought was surprising. It was too difficult to choose my three favorite movie scenes of all time. After ten or so minutes I decided on my three scenes.

The first is from Saving Private Ryan. It is my favorite war film. the classic D-Day invasion directed by Steven Spielberg will forever be remembered. Tom Hanks acting when stunned and in shock is admirable.

The second scene is from the movie The Shawshank Redemption. I first saw this film when I took a film study class in high school. I would have to say it is my favorite movie of all time and I happened to choose it among many great scenes in that movie.

The last scene features what I like to think as the creation of Wolverine. Wolverine had already existed (actually for almost a century) previous to the operation. This form of Wolverine is what people remember in what I think is a thriller.

So how did I create this assignment? It was not that difficult. I used the website SaveFrom.net to record the three scenes. I downloaded Movie Maker for Windows 10 to my laptop. Once I uploaded the scenes I used the Trim Tool to set the beginning and ending of each scene. You’ll notice you can move the scenes around. This is helpful if you did not upload in the order you wanted the scenes to show. Under the Home tab you may give the movie a title and an ending credit scene. Also under the Home tab is how I recorded my voice. Upon clicking annotation record you will be able to play the movie and talk as it plays. Under Options (Narration Tools) I was able to make my voice louder than the film so I could be heard. I exported the finished product and then uploaded it to YouTube.

A finished look at the post edit in Movie Maker.

Look There’s a Ghost

I decided on Ghosts

In the movie Ghosts, a ghost does appear (surprise). I have not seen the movie except for the ending scene. I watched the scene three times looking for different things. I was examining the angles and audio.

I immediately noticed how the camera shoots up at the ghost. Similar to Tarantino fashion. The ghost was the dominant character often being centered or appearing on the positive side. The positive side is a reference to How to Read a Movie by Roger Ebert. Positive does not necessarily mean it’s a good character. It does give it power in most films. This power can be in terms of threat, strength, knowledge, influence, and etc. The Ghost also appeared on the right side (the positive side).


When I listened just to the audio I noticed two things. Obviously the music is a grouping of string instruments. It sounds like an uplifting and positive foreshadowing. The music also starts with the entrance of the ghost. This is another sign that the ghost is the positive character. The second thing I noticed was that when a character speaks, there is a less frequent change of pitch. The music or note would continue but it would not vary as much.

Looking through Roger Ebert’s view

One Point Perspective was using a centered focus. It was many scenes with a grid in the background. It’s priority is to show how perceive things, hence the title. Everything that was shot followed Roger Ebert’s theory. Positives are on the right, and negatives are on the left. If something is centered then it means emphasis on that object.

Just like a book. The Shining has a scene where videos are slowly emerging over a black screen. Every new box appears to the right of the previous addition. When the row of videos fills the screen, a new row of videos emerges beneath.


I love Tarantino as a director so I knew I would enjoy From Below. This one defied Ebert’s theory on positive and negative. In two scenes, the actor on the left is in more positive position, usually involving a weapon. In Pulp Fiction, actor Samuel Jackson aims a handgun in a threatening manner. I am not sure which movie it is but it involves a duel. The duel is between two men with swords. The man on the left wins however. This also broke the theory.


Short Story Reflection Summary

I chose to do three shorter stories

The first is about a grant writer who believe’s that’s just “it”. She goes to a leadership seminar and goes through these exercises first and receives feedback to do better. She struggles at the panel and you can tell she is not happy. She returns to her job where she is asked to accept a promotion she still does not want to accept it. She is forced to either accept the position or quit as she could not have her old job back. She ultimately does not accept the position by not going to a dinner where she was required to do a speech.

This podcast explains what they believe may have happened that caused the death of Edgar Allen Poe. In a story told during the Podcast it’s explained that he may have died because of politics. He is forced to dress up several times as different people. It is believed he was harmed by force. In the story he consumes too much Seed of Poppy. It is similar to consuming morphine if you consume enough. Making it easy for Poe to be manipulated.

The Modern Prometheus is about money being sent to a campaign without permission. Somebody creates a neural network and installs it into the company mainframe. Victor says this is similar to giving the company a brain. It is revealed that it is a form of artificial intelligence. It actually put the money to the campaign. It wants its creator to give it an artificial companion. Victor reaches out to a friend and talks about starting their own business.