The Wernitznig Family enters Looper

This is the first assignment I have created. As the instructions requested, I did the assignment too. You can find the assignment from the DS106 Assignment Bank


I have always loved movies. Billboards also happen to be one of my favorite forms of marketing too. I got the idea as I sat in traffic on I-95 during rush hour traffic. I saw a new billboard for the movie X-Men: Apocalypse. Since Week 1, I have become better at photo editing all though I am still just a beginner. I know my Mom will get a good laugh out of this because she enjoyed watching the movie with me.

I first got a background image off the internet. I just happened to come across this picture of a Looper advertisement. I went to Facebook and saved photos of myself and my mom. Once I had all three pictures i went to FotoFlexer. This is a free online image editor. I selected the backdrop first by uploading the original image of the billboard. Next I selected to upload two more photos. These photos were from Facebook as I mentioned. Next you’re going to select the ‘Geek’ tab. Click on ‘Smart Cutout’. Follow the tutorial that pops up. This step should only take a minute. Followed this procedure twice, for both the photo of my mother and I. Next, I dragged the heads over the heads of the originals. Once everything was in position I saved the image and uploaded it to Flickr.


It’s Good! Or Not

Original assignment


Klay Thompson and Steph Curry are running the fast break. Curry catches the ball, checks his form, and eyes the hoop. Thompson puts his hands up prematurely in celebration. As he throws his hands up Curry passes him the ball. Thompson, who is not ready for the pass, botches the open shot. I was motivated to make this now that the Warriors are not far from another championship title.

I made this the same way I made my last GIF file. I used I pasted the URL address and it uploaded the video for me. From there I chose a four second window. It generated the file and I saved it. Directly uploaded the GIF file to WordPress.

Kris Jenkins Buzzer Beater NCAA Tounament

Original assignment


My very first GIF file!

I remember being in downtown Fredericksburg, VA at Jay’s Bar & Lounge. The shot went up and it was silent. It swishes through the hoop and Jay’s is in an uproar. There were many upset North Carolina fans. I just wanted a good game and got one of the best finishes in recent history.

I went to You may choose YouTube as an option. I chose YouTube and selected the part of the video I wanted to be converted to a GIF file. It generates the file for you. I saved the file and inserted the media directly.

Inside the Man Cave: The Autobiography

Original assignment(2 Stars)


If I had a cover to my autobiography it would be this. This design is a picture of a cave entrance. Before college I was always an introvert and shy. I didn’t go out of my way to meet many people. If I was talking to someone it was probably through the headset from my Xbox. The past four years I have spent outside trying to meet more people. So this photo cover would represent the first 18 chapters of my life. I would need a different cover to the last four chapters of my autobiography.

I created this photo using Microsoft Word and Snipping Tool. I uploaded the photo to Microsoft Word. I inserted a text box and typed in “Inside the Man Cave”. I used the Snipping Tool to crop the photo a created a .jpg file. I then uploaded the file to Flickr.

I’m usually open about my past. I don’t have high school friends anymore. I stopped talking to most a couple years ago. When I came to the University of Mary Washington I was expecting to pick up where I left off in high school. That all lasted until I rushed a fraternity which lead to huge changes in my daily life.


You Talkin’ To Me?

Original assignment (1.5 Stars)


Fortune cookie and movie line mashup.

I created this design using just Microsoft Word and Snipping Tool. I chose six of my favorite lines that I thought could pass as fortunes. Once I underlined the lines I used the Snipping Tool and saved the photo as a .jpg file.

The first quote is Star Wars. This one essentially means hopefully things go you way. The second quote is perhaps the only one that may not be a fortune. I still like the line though. The third line could represent an unforeseen break up. The fourth line foreshadows an adventure. The fifth foreshadows success. The sixth foreshadows an obstacle.



Lost: Dr. Oblivion

Original assignment (2 Stars)


I’m not sure who Dr. Oblivion is. However, this assignment was simple. Create a poster for the lost doctor.

I used the programs FotoFlexer, Microsoft Word, and SnippIt to create this poster.

I obtained a photo of Dr. Oblivion and uploaded it to the website like I did with Hanging With Ryan design I created. Following the same procedure, click on the Geek tab. Click Smart Cutout. Now shade the area you want to keep in green. The areas you want to get rid of red out. If you follow the tutorial that pops up it explains it step by step.

When I finished Smart Cutout I save what I had as a .png file. After i pulled the photo up on Microsoft Word. This is where I added the text “Lost”and “Dr. Oblivion”.

Now using the program SnipIt I took a screenshot of the project and saved it as a .jpg file. I then uploaded it to Flickr.

As mentioned it was an easy assignment. The only trouble I had was finding a picture of someone I don’t even know.



History rewritten on Reddit

Original assignment


To see what I’ve doe you’ll need to click on the photo. I changed history! The assignment asks to create a website or modify one to your liking. The only change I made were were removing the actual score above the ‘Box Score’. I also removed the original numbers in the parentheses. I scribbled in my own number. the (4-1) means that the Oklahoma City Thunder won the series 4-1. The Thunder actually lost last night and the series is tied 3-3.

This was my first time playing with GIMP 2.8. It was recommended to me after the first week so I would not buy Adobe Photoshop.

Using the SnipIt program installed on Windows 10 I took a screenshot of the Reddit website. I uploaded it to the image editor GIMP. I erased the original score by using the paint brush tool. By painting or in white, their is no evidence of a score. I painted over the original 3’s in  both parentheses. I used the paintbrush option again. This time I shrunk the size down so that I could scribble in ‘4’ into both parentheses. I saved the file as a .jpg and uploaded it to Flickr.

I love Reddit and the many subreddit’s within the site. I consider this fooling around but I just changed history and earned four stars.