How to do Favorite Movie Quote

This is the second tutorial I will be doing (and its the 2nd assignment I created for the Ds106 Assignment Bank)


Lets start out by visiting my favorite image editor, FotoFlexer. This a free online image editor. Once at the website upload the photo background that you will put the text over.


Once you have uploaded your photo, it should look like the one above.


Next thing you will do is click on ‘Decorate’. Followed by clicking on ‘Text’.

Iron Man4

Type in the quote you would like to use where it says “Enter Text Here:” As you will see in the image above, they defaulted the font Cretino. Make it easier to read by selecting a different font (I used Arial). Also place the text in the photo where it will look best. For me I thought this was at the bottom.


Once everything is in place, save the file. This is the end of the tutorial. See how easy it was?


How to do Family Friendly Billboard

This is a tutorial on how to do the assignment (that I created) Family Friendly Billboard.


There are many ways to do this assignment, depending on which image editor you may use. My favorite is FotoFlexer. Click on the link to take you to a website that is free to use. First you will want to upload a photo of a billboard. This will be your backdrop.

Looper 2

The next thing you will do is click ‘Upload Another File’. you should have another photo appear. Click on the new photo. Select ‘Geek’ and then select ‘Smart Cutout’. A new window will appear.

Looper 4

A new tutorial will appear. Do not be intimidated that this needs a tutorial to explain what happens. I suggest you follow the tutorial as it mentions on the website. All it will ask you to do is highlight the area you want to keep in green. The areas you want to remove, will be highlighted in red. Once you have done both of these tasks click on ‘Predict Unknown Areas’. Click ‘Ok’.  A new image will appear showing just the head of the person. Repeat this step for every image you want to crop into the photo.


After cropping in the photos, adjust and move the heads into place. Save the file once you are finished.

Scenes of Lasting Memory

Original Assignment

This assignment is my favorite since I created my first GIF files. I enjoyed using Movie Maker, which I thought was surprising. It was too difficult to choose my three favorite movie scenes of all time. After ten or so minutes I decided on my three scenes.

The first is from Saving Private Ryan. It is my favorite war film. the classic D-Day invasion directed by Steven Spielberg will forever be remembered. Tom Hanks acting when stunned and in shock is admirable.

The second scene is from the movie The Shawshank Redemption. I first saw this film when I took a film study class in high school. I would have to say it is my favorite movie of all time and I happened to choose it among many great scenes in that movie.

The last scene features what I like to think as the creation of Wolverine. Wolverine had already existed (actually for almost a century) previous to the operation. This form of Wolverine is what people remember in what I think is a thriller.

So how did I create this assignment? It was not that difficult. I used the website to record the three scenes. I downloaded Movie Maker for Windows 10 to my laptop. Once I uploaded the scenes I used the Trim Tool to set the beginning and ending of each scene. You’ll notice you can move the scenes around. This is helpful if you did not upload in the order you wanted the scenes to show. Under the Home tab you may give the movie a title and an ending credit scene. Also under the Home tab is how I recorded my voice. Upon clicking annotation record you will be able to play the movie and talk as it plays. Under Options (Narration Tools) I was able to make my voice louder than the film so I could be heard. I exported the finished product and then uploaded it to YouTube.

A finished look at the post edit in Movie Maker.

Looking through Roger Ebert’s view

One Point Perspective was using a centered focus. It was many scenes with a grid in the background. It’s priority is to show how perceive things, hence the title. Everything that was shot followed Roger Ebert’s theory. Positives are on the right, and negatives are on the left. If something is centered then it means emphasis on that object.

Just like a book. The Shining has a scene where videos are slowly emerging over a black screen. Every new box appears to the right of the previous addition. When the row of videos fills the screen, a new row of videos emerges beneath.


I love Tarantino as a director so I knew I would enjoy From Below. This one defied Ebert’s theory on positive and negative. In two scenes, the actor on the left is in more positive position, usually involving a weapon. In Pulp Fiction, actor Samuel Jackson aims a handgun in a threatening manner. I am not sure which movie it is but it involves a duel. The duel is between two men with swords. The man on the left wins however. This also broke the theory.


The Sounds of my Morning

Original assignment may be found here (2.5 Stars)

The assignment tasks you with recording different noises you her throughout the day. The noises can be whatever you want. I decided to my Sunday morning routine. First I’ll explain how I did the assignment. Using my iPhone 6, I opened up the Voice Memo app. I recorded four different noises/files. I uploaded the four different files onto my computer. In Audacity, I clicked on File and then Import. I selected the four files. Once the files were imported, select the Time Shift tool. This allows you to move the different files. I wanted each file to overlap for one second with each other. Once I shifted the files by clicking on them I exported the recording. Select File and then Export Audio. Once that was done it was saved as one file instead of four. To finish, upload the file to SoundCloud.

I recorded my first noise as I walked down the stairs into the family room. I do not remember what was on TV, my guess is the Golf Channel. The next sound is in my kitchen. I tried to record the sound of bacon sizzling in the pan. The third sound is the sound of coffee pouring into a mug from a Keurig. The last sound is from the Purple Martin bird house on my parents property. The sounds of morning are my favorite. I believe they tend to be more relaxing.