This is the end of the road

Week 5 Story/Project

The Story of Jesse and The Order of the Stone

Assignments created for the DS106 Assignment Bank (and my creation of them)

The Wernitznig Family enters Looper

I am Iron Man

Tutorials I created

How to do Family Friendly Billboard

How to do Favorite Movie Quote

First I’d like to say I enjoyed this class. I enjoyed the freedom of being able to explore the other blogs and interacting. The professor did a wonderful job in telling the class the expectations. From there you were able to teach yourself how to do the assignments. Usually the professor would embed links to free online software to edit images. Also recommending to use Audacity was highly useful.

This week I completed the Final Project. I was very excited to do it. The other assignment that I enjoyed this much was Week 4. It was when  we worked with video and I created a movie for the first time. I did it on a game I had played and become attached to. The game was still fresh in my mind and it allowed me to reflect on what I had been playing, even though that was not the purpose of the assignment.

I have no questions at this time. My only concerns are hoping I covered everything that I was supposed to do prior to Thursday night. For Week 5 it said to only create the Final Project. I thought this made sense since we were not getting the full week like we normally do.

Last thing I’d like to say is I thank you to everyone in this class  for sharing their ideas via their comments. Hope everyone has a great summer!


One Last Week


Looking through Roger Ebert’s view

Look There’s a Ghost

Video Assignments

Scenes of Lasting Memory

Product Review: XL Croakies

Daily Creates (just one)

Daily Creates Week 4


Week 4 Comments

Despite the extra work getting to know more technical storytelling methods and tools, I enjoyed this week. I learned how to make my first movie with the new Windows 10 Movie Maker. I had access to a bunch of tools for free. After playing around for ten minutes with the program I was able to master Movie Maker. was a lifesaver. It made saving scenes too easy. I’m amazed at what i have access to, so that I may create these videos.

I am going to start using Ebert’s rule unconsciously. Whether it be when I watch the latest Game of thrones episode or award winning film, I’l look for the rules. The rule, according to Ebert, Is that there is a positive and negative. The right is positive and the left is negative. Neither mean good or bad, but rather show who is the dominant object and/or character.

No questions or concerns this week. Each week that passes by I become more comfortable using and exploring WordPress. I’m surprised by the number of student who choose to use other blog websites other than WordPress. This may be a suggestion in the future that WordPress may not be the best option. For now, it’s all I know. I’ll just stick with WordPress.

Weekly Summary 3: Half way to the finish

Here are links to the work that was completed this week


Reflection summary on Abumrad and Glass

Short Story Reflection Summary

Reflecting on comments and the blogs

Audio Assignments

Celebrity Speed Dating

The Sounds of my Morning

Daily Creates

Daily Creates for Week 3 (I did two of the four)

Concerns/Questions Paragraph

Questions and Concerns following Week 3

Interacting with others

Looking over at the others

Well we’re now three weeks in. Only two weeks to go. These five week sessions always go by quick. I felt I did well in my Audio Assignments. They weren’t too much trouble. I had not used Audacity in four years, but the learning curve to it was not hard.  I enjoyed watching the short stories from the lecture. That was my favorite task of the week.

Nothing gave me trouble this week. Since the first week I’ve felt more comfortable using these storytelling tools. Sometimes I need to go to YouTube to learn how to use certain parts. I learned how to use Audacity again and explored further into blog design after look at all the other students blogs.

I saw a tutorial on another students blog describing one of the audio assignments. I would have done this assignment had I not done the two audio assignments I had already completed. That is my only regret of the week.

My only wish is that  I could take this class as a form of a study abroad program. We could use sounds, pictures, and video of the area we are visiting to complete the assignments of that week. I think it would be fun!

More Fun and More to Learn




Daily Creates (I only did two)

Design Assignment #1

Design Assignment #2

Design Assignment #3

Design Assignment #4

Design Assignment #5

GIF Assignment #1

GIF Assignment #2

I enjoyed doing this weeks work more than the first week. I had a better feel for my blog and what is expected of me. This week I made my first GIF file and my first image editing. I did not stay on top of my Daily Creates. The two I did do were easy however, and I enjoyed doing them.

Once I received my feedback from week one I knew I would need GIMP. I did not have to buy Adobe Photoshop like I thought I would. I was able to do everything that was expected of me and felt confident with what I made. The GIF files were the most difficult to manage. It was my first try at making them. The link provided in the instructions would not open for me. It was not difficult once I had a website generate the file for me. I’m actually proud of my GIF’s. I’ve seen some terrible GIF files in my day.

Basketball was a popular part of my blog this week. I made multiple references to the Golden State Warriors. Once you do one assignment, it feels like you’re doing it all the same. What I mean is I’m using the same image editing tools each time. The designs just need creative inspiration.

I tried to do a House/Home edition of the DesignBlitz. I roamed the yard, garage, trashcans, bedrooms, kitchen, and our basement. Most will disagree with my photo of the trashcan. Although it’s ironic how the box once held the baggies is now inside a bag. They essentially switched roles, but one is a piece of trash now.

I’m curious as to what week three will be like and what kind of assignments we will have. I’m sure I’ll be more confident with each week we finish.



This Week ergh Day in Review


First thing I’ll say is do not procrastinate. I joined the class just before the Tuesday deadline at 5 p.m. Despite various warnings from the professor about participating daily, I procrastinated. I realize now after spending almost my whole Sunday in front of my computer that ds106 is not to be crammed.

Picking my domain came very quick to me. I recently graduated on May 7th, but I still need more credit hours. My employers would like me to reach 150 credit hours. Once I have 150 credit hours (taking any kind of class) I can obtain my CPA (Certified Public Accountant) licensing. As someone who is not tech savvy I hope to learn a lot during the next five weeks.

Setting up social media was a bit annoying. I’ve always been an active user of Instagram and Facebook. I use YouTube daily, but haven’t posted anything before. I registered myself to twitter back in the summer of 2009. However, I haven’t used it since December of 2014. Flickr was frustrating. After fixing network issues, I was able to start uploading.

What gave me the most trouble was figuring out where I start. I have never had my own blog or website before. Some of the visual assignments were challenging. I want to purchase either Photoshop or something equivalent. Making sure everything is in the right space and tagged right makes me anxious. I enjoyed the scavenger hunt the most. It was easy, but the challenge was taking all those pictures in 15 minutes, because I went over the time allotted.

As mentioned before if I could do it differently, I would have started this all Tuesday evening when I joined the class. My questions will most likely answer themselves, but most are how do I make my blog appear more appealing. Any questions I do have I’ll bring up next week with the conference with the professor.

I think I rushed my assignments. Had I not waited I would have been able to put more work into the assignments. I was only able to do one Daily Create because of this.

Mutlimodel Introduction

When it came to designing my blog I wanted simplicity. I want it to be easy to navigate. It should be easy to find things. I will continue to play with the settings and customization in the weeks ahead.

Photo Safari

Photo Reflection

Daily Creates (just one)

Visual Assignment Blog Posts

The Super ds106 Life

Johnny Football to Johnny Jobless

Daisy visits D.J. at UMW

My very own Grad Spubble